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Garden Hose Flexible Expandable Pipe Hose Reel Fittings

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1.The water pipe can be automatically extended 3times after filled with water. And it can be automatically recover to its original length if no water.
2.It is widely used in automobile cleaning, indoor and outdoor doors and windows, floor cleaning, garden spraying, household sanitation and other purposes.
3.Small size, easy to use and hold.
4.The design of rotating spray adjustment shows 7 patterns water outlet.
5.Hose with internal pressure and long range of spray.
6.Easy to install and disassemble in seconds,time-saving and labor-saving.
7.With water foam brush, easy to clean and protect the cleaning surface from injury,efficient synchronization and saving time.
8.Good quality, long service life, high elastic inner tube, high density cloth cover, no knot, no hardening, small folding volume and good wear-resisting..
9.User friendly design for the spray gun, triangular metal ring at the sprinkler head effectively support the switch.This help you to realize automatic long-time water spraying, more labor-saving.


Material for spray gun:PVC
Material for hose :rubber
Spray distance:0- 33ft or 0-10m
Use:flowers and garden irrigation, house,outdoor,pets and car cleaning
User:adults and kids

Size for you to choose: 50FT=15m,75FT=22.5m,100FT=30m,125FT=37.5m,150FT=45m


50FT=15m, original length 5m,  after water injection 15m;
75FT=22.5m, original length 7.5m,   after water injection 22.5m
100FT=30m, original length 10m,   after water injection 30m
125FT=37.5m, original length 12.5m,    after water injection 37.5m
150FT=45m, original length 15m,   after water injection 45m


50FT  500g
75FT  600g
100FT  750g
125FT  850g
150FT  1000g

1 X hose
1 X spray gun
2 X joints
1 X storage bag


1.The effect of flexible expandable hose is related to water pressure.If the water pressure normal, hose can be extended 3 times;if the water pressure is lower,
it only can be extended about 2.5 times. If the water pressure is low, you can choose the longer hose to buy. The pipe can be connected and lengthened.
2.Use the water pipe on the smooth road as possible as you can. After use, drain the water in pipe to a clean place and keep properly so that you can increase hose life.
3.Hot water is not allowed to use. Drain water out if you do not use.The joint part can not be pulled by force. Hose pipe can not be pressed by car.
Color: Green

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