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FACIAL TANNING Lamp RUBINO 12 Lamps with collagen light and infra red

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  • Equipped with 12 x 15W Rubino lamps from Cosmedico 230V, 50Hz 200W
  • Digital timer with automatic shut down
  • Longer lasting beautiful tan
  • Excellent side tanning through side panel system
  • Adjustable stand

Rubino face tanning lamp is a  powerful 12 x 15W facial unit with a very special lamp. It's not just a tanner its much more than that. This Rubino 12x15W is specially designed to fit the unique Rubino lamps in order to get the maximum results from them.

Rubino 15W lamp
The lamp of the future! This lamp Combines UV, collagen and infrared light which can lead up to a 50% tanning improvement, while keeping the skin soft and smooth. 
This lamp is nothing short of revolutionary.

The convincing application results

  • Significantly improved direct pigmentation 
  • Smoother tanning process 
  • Longer lasting beautiful tan 
  • Increased UV compatibility 
  • Protection of cells against free radicals who can harm the skin 
  • Heightens the effect of vitamins 
  • Activation of oxygen supply to the skin 
  • Stimulation of the skin metabolism 
  • Gives a smooth and soft feeling of the skin 
  • High feel-good factor

With the cosmedico rubino lamps, the perfect balance between UV and infrared light has been achieved. Leading to a soft skin and a better tan.

The red light spectrum leads to a higher tolerance of UV and a “feel good” experience during use. This is what makes this lamp unique, The Cosmedico Cosmofit Rubino 15W is by far the best collagen based facial tanning lamp there is.

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