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Facial Tanner Tanning Lamp 12 x 15W Turbo Power 9215

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  • Complete tan all over the face and upper cleavage
  • Adjustable and fixable angle of inclination
  • Digital timer 0-30 minutes with automatic switch-off
  • Lamps: 12 x 15 watts
  • Optimal side tan on the face

The Facial Tanner Turbo Power 9215 not only tans the face but also the décolleté and shoulders. Simple, space-saving and effective to use. Twelve built-in tubes with 15 watts each, in combination with an integrated reflector, ensure an even tan.

The 6 red lamps in the Facial Tanner have a calming effect on your skin and the 6 blue lamps ensure an even tan. Due to its unique shape with the side walls, not only the front but also the sides of your face are tanned evenly. The side walls can be opened and closed easily. When folded, the facial tanner can be conveniently stowed away or taken with you when traveling.

Always at hand and ready to use, just plug it into the socket and off you go. Thanks to the digital timer, an individual time can be set up to a maximum of 30 minutes. After the time has expired, the device switches off automatically. To avoid overheating of the device, the Facial Tanner switches off automatically after closing the panels.

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