Extra Strength Serum & Roller Set Bundle


Time To Glow!


Get your skin in harmony with the rest of your lovely self when you use this cannabis-based face serum. This facial oil features 1000mg of hemp-derived CBD, which is naturally high in essential fatty acids to help soften and smooth out your skin. This refreshing formula features full-spectrum hemp oil alongside soothing aloe, collagen, grape seed oil, vitamins, and soluble plant fibers to give you the youthful glow you deserve. 


Your skin already does an excellent job of locking out most “invaders” from entering your body. But, to reduce the manifestation of age-related symptoms such as loose skin, deep-set wrinkles, or elasticity loss — the skincare products you use must have the ability to infiltrate the defensive barrier of the skin’s outer layer. That’s where our CBD facial serum comes in handy.


Our face serum corrects the likes of wrinkles, fine lines, and firmness deficiency by strengthening cell turnover and, very importantly, collagen production, which reduces fine lines and wrinkles.




We make it easy for you to maintain healthy skin. Living in the 21st century is anything but simple. Our Clinically Proven Obsidian Roller Set can help reduce unsightly fine lines, improve the texture of your skin, and improve overall skin tone.


Our Roller set comes with an Obsidian Facial Roller and a Gua Sha Stone for the ultimate spa at home experience.


Finally, it’s time to treat your face with a measure of our most complete formula, delivered in a scintillating, oil-rich serum, along with our effective roller set to achieve maximum results.


Come join the CBD revolution today.

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