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ETHNO GVD - Lips Jew’s harp Twin Reed from VIETNAM

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Double reed model made of brass.

Sounds deeper than the bass model.

Length : 10 cm. 

With bamboo case.

Hand-made by local craftsmen, this brass instrument captivates even novices by being easily playable and having a brilliant sound, rich in overtones. Playing the lips jew’s harp is effortless and enjoyable.
In contrast to other types of jew’s harps, it must not be pressed against the teeth to produce its full and warm sound. Rather, the instrument is gently rested against the player’s lips with one hand while the other plucks the tip of the reed softly.
Moreover, mouth and tongue are given considerably more freedom than with other types of jew’s harps. For example, you may try a simple echo effect by temporarily and rhythmically removing the instrument from your lips, or try a tremolo by moving the tip of your tongue inside your mouth while playing.

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