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ETHNO BDPX - Acrylic Thumb Piano 8 notes, diatonic, handmade

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Loud and Clear Sleek, transparent acrylic and an amp-compatible design turn an ancient instrument into a modern music maker ready for jam sessions. This petite instrument carries with it thousands of years of African musical tradition. Called a kalimba, mbira, mbila, or marimba depending not he region in which it's played, the first version of this handheld thumb piano appeared more than 3,000 years ago! Lightweight and portable, it was the chosen instrument of traveling troubadours, who would retell the history of their tribe in song. Whether you use this version to strike up your own story or to teach little ones music basics, ETHNO's handcrafted thumb piano is the perfect instrument to carry a tune. The eight numbered tines, or keys, correspond with traditional notes on the diatonic scale. The tines are made of tempered spring steel that is hand-cut and rounded. To play, just cradle the instrument in your hands an pluck the tines with your thumbs. Handmade

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