Dragon Slayer Sword - LARP - Berserk anime - Guts sword - Guts cosplay - sword - huge - FOAM sword - Berserk manga - inspired - Femto - sign


Dragon Slayer Sword - LARP - Berserk anime - Guts sword - Guts cosplay - sword - huge - FOAM sword - Berserk manga - inspired - Casсa - PP -


***Materials***: polyurethane + polypropylene + leather braid on the handle + decorating. Inside the reinforced textolite core. Very durable and injury-proof. Well suited for slashers on the field of LARP-battle. Suitable as a training sword of huge size )))


Integrity factor: one-piece. But I can make a collapsible design - if you need one, write to me in conversations (for extra-price).


100% handmade


Guaranteed free WORLDWIDE shipping


I do props and costumes for TV series and movies, for various cosplay events and airsoft with my own hands for more than 10 years. Now you have the opportunity to place your private order. Among my customers are companies such as Amedia and Disney, I received requests from companies such as Warner bro and the Museum of illusions from Toronto. 


Terms specify in conversations, but high quality, style, authenticity, highly artistic,durability & reliability you will get GUARANTEED.


You can tell me all your wishes about this item, because it is custom made and I can make some changes.


Also, I can make different costumes just ask in convos! You can send me a picture.


Berserk anime inspired sword of Guts. Dragon Slayer Sword is inspired by the berserk anime. GATS and Griffiths. 


Feel free to order from me

Many people make crafts from "dirt and branches", but not me. I am an experienced blacksmith and a master of my craft

I've been doing engineering crafting for 11 years. I know how to do very difficult things

With electronics. With the mechanics. Leather goods. The art of sculptural modeling

And apparently, for satisfied customers I have something to be proud of and have something to boast about


At the moment I have a queue of orders.

Thank God: this is a big queue and it continues to grow.

Terms for production specified in the listings are correct. But the beginning of work on your order will be agreed individually in each case. 

What affects the increase the priority of execution of Your orders: 

1) the level of my workload at the moment;

2) price;

3) complexity.


It's easier for me to get 1 expensive and complex project than 20 small and simple. 


Please take this into consideration. 


I also remind you that almost everything can be discussed with me in conversations.

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