Door Window Sensor Compatible with Z wave 300 500 series Magnet Lock Door Sensor Alarm Smart House Home SecurityBG00005971


Description :

This is the Z-wave Wifi Door/Window Sensor  ,Compatible with z-wave 300 series and  500 series.

Door Sensor is an interlligent security equipment that can transmit the z wave network which have particular frequency.
In the Z wave network communications.door snsor can be connected to any z wave main controller.
The door sensor can send messages to the z wave main controller.and realize association with other devices through the z wave main controller.
Different countries or areas.the radio requency is different.
In the communication with z wave main controller.the door sensor can send messages to the z wave main controller.but it can't receive messages from the z wave main controller.when alarm is triggered.the door sensor send messages to the z wave main controller.the z wave main controller will displays the current status of door the door sensor can accociate with other devices.door sensor is battery small and can be installed on the windor or door easily.
When the door or window is open.the door sensor is triggered and linkage alarm realized.

Specification :

Two status:open and close 

Compatible with 300 series and 500 series

Power: CR14250 x1

Standby current: 1uA 

Battery life:2.2 years

Operation temperature: 0-40degree

Size: Main body (L*W * H):70mmx20mmx20mm

Deputy body (L * W * H):40mmx11mmx11mm

Package Includes :
1 x Door sensor main body
1 x Door sensor deputy body
2 x Battery
4 x Screw
4 x Screw stopper
2 x Sticker
1 x Instruction manual

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