Do-Me Dietary Supplement Excellent Combination Innovative Skin Care White new 1

Do-Me Dietary Supplement Excellent Combination Skin Care White 1 Box.Condition : 100% Brand new, seal, never used , never openedQuantity : 1 BoxSize : 30 capsules DO-ME (Studio - a) occurs with long experience of the Dome Pakorn Lum ownership and management products, nutritional supplements, Do-Me was put forward as a true vitamin mogul. (Some people have viewed the clip on youtube and then some).Of course, all the results have been put forward, together with the analysis of the research team. To get the best vitamin for the skin and does not harm the body.Do-Me (Studio - a) the wonders of nature. Excellent Combination skin through the sixth selection as well. Direct from the USA, France and Japan.Through process innovation In the extracts, vitamins The concentration And the highest purity In powder form packaged in a special capsule.Imported from France Do-Me products exclusive to Naramitra skin. A typical healthy for you.Features and Benefits of Do-Me what.With one of the most innovative Do-Me combines the wonder of nature. Excellent food for a total surface of six protagonist with extracts of Indian Gooseberry.French melon powder Extract of Tomato Pine Bark Extract there is also Tri collagen peptides from deep sea fishing. Which is better absorbed than three times the typical collagen and coenzyme Q-Ten.Tri collagen peptides. From deep sea fishing Absorbed better than collagen up to 3 times, and absorbed into the body right away without going through the process of digestion. Make no residue in the body White skin is more sensitive than the skin collagen up to 100 times.AntioxidantsHelp skin whitening as rosy.Reduce wrinklesStrengthening the process of collagen in the body.Landscape sun protection to the skin. Make the sun for longerLeaves skin naturally.Rosy cheeksSkin tieStrengthening the process of collagen in the body.How do you eat : vitamin Do-Me 2 capsules per

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