Debut& Bolt-On Combo Makeup Brush Set


Siân created this set for beginners as she knew that she needed to make something to give novice makeup artists, students and passionistas something great and affordable. When the pros found out, they also fell in love with it and now many makeup departments from some of your favourite tv shows (Game Of Thrones, American Horror Story etc) use this set as well and top makeup schools such as (Academy Award Winner) Christine Blundell Makeup Academy in London and the Academy of Makeup Arts in Nashville to name only two of many.

Debut and Bolt-On combined is the complete beginner’s set designed to get your brush collection growing. As you progress you can add to it with Classic or nouVeau. The perfect way to  get you going.

Debut Set contains: 1 Body Brush, 1 Wedged Blusher Brush, 1 Domed Foundation Brush, 1 Kabuki Brush,1 Soft Fan Duster Brush, 2 Domed Concealer Brushes, 3 Eye Shadow Brushes, 1 Lip Brush, 1 Eyebrow Brush, 1 Detail Brush.

Bolt-On contains: 1 Small Kabuki, 3 Eye Shadow Brushes, 1 Eyebrow Brush

Brush Hair used for this set are as follows: Natural Pony, Natural Goat, Vegan Brown Squirrel, Premium Taklon, Vegan Red Sable.

We Recommend Using Vegan Brush Shampoo to clean the brushes in this set.
Wash all brushes before using.


Brushes are Made in USA
Pouch is made in Thailand

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