D-KOK Natural Herb Slim Detox Weight loss Dietary Supplement 30Caps

D-KOK Natural Herb Slim Detox Weight loss Dietary Supplement 30CapsCondition : 100% Authentic brand new, Never openTotal Quantity : 1 Pcs.Net weight : 30 capsules per Pcs Usage & Dosage : 1-2 Capsules before 15 minutes before breakfast or launchD-KOK new formulaWe develop better recipes. Add beta glucan. Helps strengthen the immune system for allergic people. And brown algae that help burn fat better. Herbs detoxify the intestinal tract, detoxifying residues that may harm the body. Detox is a herbal detoxification helps the body's metabolism function better to trap fat and sugar from new foods to avoid absorption. The cause of obesity. With all herbs Help clear the toxins in the body. What is it? Strong body No excess fat, skin brighten up the pectoral muscles. Weight is gradually reduced. Reduce the rate of cancer, colon cancer, lower cholesterol. Lower blood sugar property- Reduce flat belly.- Helps to resolve constipation. Chronic hemorrhoids- Help to clear the toxins in the intestine.- Adjust the digestive system to normal.- helps to brighten skin. Healthy people- Help prevent intestinal cancer.- Helps the digestive system is normal.- New fat trap Helps break down fat.- To help clean the toxins in the kidney.- Reduce fat in the arteries.- Control blood sugar, reduce blood sugar.- Helps to drive chemical waste from the accumulation of drugs or supplements.- The acne disappears, clear the face.- A 100% safe herbal- Helps lose weight by natural means. Safe, no side effects. Stop yo yo do not mind shake, no nervous. Production process through MGP 1 bottle 30 tablets..- See results sensitivity- Do not yoyo.- Not to shabby- Does not cause side effects.1 bottle = 30 tabletsDescription:Condition: NewSize: 1box= 30Capsule Exp: 2020Quantity: 1box= 30CapsuleOur PolicyI accept to pay by PayPal only. Pls pay within

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