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Climber's Heart Climbing Hold Magnet

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Do you have strong positive feelings (perhaps love?) towards climbing, but no practical idea how to express them? Don’t worry, this climber’s heart magnet will do all this for you! ? This magnet has been quite popular among our client base. You will not find this kind of heart-warming magnet anywhere else. Get yours now, and make your friend (or yourself) happy! You will also advertise this great sport (climbing) to anyone who enters your home, possibly bringing new climbers to the scene. Carefully designed, premium quality climbing hold magnet for fridge, freezer or any magnet friendly surfaces.

Technical details:
-Handmade decorative climbing hold with magnet
-Made of polymer clay
-Includes a zinc coated metal bolt
-Magnet is attached to the bottom side

The magnets in the product pictures are examples, what the product can look like.

All of the magnets are unique for the following reasons:
1) We don't use any moulds when making (decor) climbing holds
2) All magnets are handmade
There is no possibility that your neighbour would have the exactly same looking magnet as yours!

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