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Climber's Guksi Mug #Luna

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Are you having trouble finding something really special for your climber friend/spouse (or yourself)? You just might have found it! ?

This climber’s guksi mug is unique in so many ways. The mug is obviously great to look at, and offers a grandiose elite climber experience, when drinking from it. :-D It also feels AH SO NICE on your hands. The handle feels so very realistic, almost like an actual climbing hold… because IT IS an actual hold. Fit is excellent between the wooden part and the climbing hold, as can be seen from the product pictures. Get this mug to accompany you in your climbing trips, or just use it at home, whatever suits you best.

Worried that the wooden part comes off and you spill your hot beverage on you? Worry not friend, the climbing hold will stay put, since it is attached properly with screws (no glue used). The coolest thing is that the climbing hold handle can be used as a small pinch hold on your home climbing wall. Also, the mug is eco-friendly. All its parts can be recycled.

As usual, we offer you very generous customization options with the mug. You can add customized text to the bottom of the mug (burned or engraved). There are 10 different color options and 4 different climbing hold models available with different difficulty levels.

The handle color options (see the product picture):
1. Black
2. Red
3. Orange
4. Neon Orange
5. Yellow
6. Green
7. Neon Green
8. Blue
9. Purple
10. Neon Pink

The handle models (see the product picture):
1. Dune (moderate)
2. Luna (easy)
3. Meteor (easy)
4. Mystic (moderate)

ATTENTION! It is noteworthy, that the neon colors (neon green, neon orange, neon pink) may fade/discolor, if exposed to direct sun light for long periods of time.

Get this mug and become an instant pro climber!  :---)

Technical details:
-Handmade wooden mug with a real climbing hold as a handle
-Mug capacity is 1.25 dl (4.22 oz)
-Mug made of wood
-Climbing hold made of polyurethane, can be used as an actual climbing hold (fulfills required safety standards for climbing holds)
-Handle attached to the mug with screws (Torx T20 head)

The mugs in the product pictures are examples, what the product can look like. There are notable differences of the wood part shapes and surfaces. Processing (done by hand) for the wooden part of the mugs also has an effect on the outlook of the mugs.
Color: Red

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