Classic Children Tire Swing Set for 2 Kids


Every little child needs some excitement now and then. The new tire swing featuring a large plastic tire base with four sturdy ropes will meet your needs very well.

The tire swing can be attached to basic swing hangers or a heavy duty swivel for even more spinning and twisting fun. It suspends from four corners for added stability. Designed for multiple children, your kids can have hours of swinging fun with their friends.

Brand news and high quality

Can hold up to 2 kids at once

Durable plastic material

Hangs from 4 ropes

Ideal for use with a swivel or hanger

Perfect for the door frame inside your house or anywhere outside


Color: Black

Main material: PE + PP

Overall size: 22.4" x 22.4" x 6.3"

Cable length: 11 ft

Weight capacity: 110 lbs

Package includes:

1 x Tire swing with ropes

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