Blue Pup Fashionable Play House Lovely Simulation Baby Doll with Clothes Size20"

Are you choosing a present for the upcoming birthday of your kid or friend? We would like to recommend this Fashionable Play House Toy Lovely Simulation Baby Doll with Clothes to you. Made of high-quality material, it is safe and not harmful to body, so it is suitable for baby or little kid. It has an adorable and sweet face that you will love it at your first look. Besides, it can be wonderful decoration for your room. You can place it in your desk and it will add spice and fun to your home.

1. Good gift to your kid or friend
2. With comfortable texture, it will be your good companion
3. It will give your kid or friend unforgettable memory on special days
4. This doll toy will give your kid much more fun in life
5. Brand new and high quality
6. The baby can sit, can lie and can entering the water, but can't stand, can't speak, can't wink

1. Material: Silicone Vinyl
2. Size: 20" / 50cm
3. Weight: 45.86oz / 1300g
4. Gender: Boy
5. Eyes: Acrylic
6. Hair: Hand rooted mohair,can wash and dress
7. Clothes Type: Blue Pup
8. Feature: Joints of arms and legs are movable,The baby can sit, can lie, can entering the water, can't stand, can't speak, can't wink.

Package Includes:
1 x Baby Doll with Clothes
1 x Birth Certificate
1 x Milk Bottle
1 x Nipple

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