Biotin 10,000mcg for skin,hair and nails (30 veggie capsules)

Biotin 10,000mcg for skin,hair and nails- The powerful vitamin also known as vitamin H is part of the group of B vitamins. Biotin is a critical nutrient for producing fuel for cells and supporting cell growth. You'll get lots of it from bread, eggs, cheese, pork, salmon and avocados, although taking a supplement could be beneficial if you don't normally have a lot of biotin in your diet. Because biotin is water-soluble and doesn't stay in your system long, it's usually considered a safe supplement to take regularly. 

  • Vitamin Enriched
  • Promotes healthy skin, hair and nails
  • Promotes cellular energy production
  • Quantity: 30
  • Active ingredients: Biotin 10,000MCG

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