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Artimúsica Traditional Madeiran 5 String Rajão

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The ukulele originally from “Branguinha” (or "Machete")  which is the “grandmother” and the “Rajão” which is the “grandfather".

The well knowned Ukulele is a combination of the two native instruments of Madeira. In the late 1800's, immigrants from the island of Madeira Portugal were invited by the Hawaiian king to come to Hawaii to live. Most worked in the cane fields, but a few brought their braguinha's and rajões and became instrument builders.

These instruments are originally strung with steel strings in the same tuning as the ukulele but with a 5th low D string.  You can changed over to nylon strings for ease of playing. 

This instrument is hand made in Portugal with the finest selection of woods and care for detail and sound. 


  • Top: Solid Linden
  • Back and Sides: Solid Cherry Wood 
  • Neck: Poplar
  • Fretboard: Panga Panga
  • Bridge: Rosewood

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