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Art Poster Color Therapy ”Purge”

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$39.30 - $39.30
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Do you love colors? Would you like to see personal and rare art full of energy, on your walls? This art poster alone brings an abundant color dose to your home.

The picture in this poster is from my original painting called “Purge”. It tells about facing and going through inner suffering, after which peace and tranquility comes again. The inner core renews and feeling is light again. The character in the artwork is experiencing pain, but knows, that it won’t last forever. He looks up and sees hope and solace.

This is a strong opus and might awake feelings, even unpleasant ones. What does it awake in you? If you like art that awakens you different thoughts and feelings, also difficult ones.. this might be just for you. It can help you to address your life’s challenges and free yourself from your inner blockages.

Poster Size
Width: 28.5 Centimetres
Height: 44.0 Centimetres

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