Aromatherapy Drops Necklace Diffuser + Essential Oils Blend of Your Choice


Aromatherapy Drops Set consists of a diffuser chain and a mixture of essential oils of your choice.

We offer the following blends: Relax, Energy, StressAway, Happiness & Romance.
The elegant chain diffuser allows you to use essential oils wherever you are.
Discreetly disperses your favorite mixture throughout the day. Long-lasting scent.

Description: The necklace consists of a classic necklace and a pendant made of 925 silver. It comes in 3 colors: silver, gold, rose- gold. The pendant is ball-shaped and opens to hold a ball on which 1-2 drops of your favorite mixture of essential oils are dripped. It is necessary to take the ball out of the pendant and onto it drip 1-2 drops of the selected mixture, then return it to the pendant and close.

After a certain period of testing, we can guarantee you 5 hours of intense smell, and after if necessary, you can drip more on the ball during the day.

With this pendant, you get five balls made of natural felted wool as a gift.

Take our chain diffuser with ready-made therapeutic mixtures of essential oils. Our diffuser chain comes in an elegant package, so you can choose it as a gift for a loved one.

Why did we choose this particular product?

We want to influence the awareness of the enormous potentials that essential oils can have on our lives and allow everyone to use, wear, and enjoy therapeutic oils in an unusual and modern way. The power of fragrance for your body, mind and soul.

Our goal is to promote Mindful Wellness in every possible way. 

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