AMADO SKIN Acne Spot Serum 5g. Natural Extracts Reduce Acne Eliminate Problem

AMADO SKIN Acne Spot Serum 5g. Natural Extracts Amado Skin Acne Spot Serum "Acne is a problem" Acne Serum. Combines the value of a wide range of natural extracts. For a beautiful face and flawless. With the effectiveness of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.AMADO SKIN Acne Spot SerumEliminate the deep root problem.Controlling excess oil production (SEBUM)Reduce the inflammation of acne, reduce dark spots, redness.Repair and repair damaged skin cells. With natural extracts.It accelerates the process of exfoliation to prevent acne.Stimulates collagen and elastin formation.Ameno Skins Acne Spot SerumWith Cutipure extract imported from Germany.Helps break acne. And reduce redness caused by acne. Special serum acne serum.A wide range of natural extracts for impeccable skin.With the effectiveness of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. Meanwhile AMADO SKIN Acne Spot SerumHow to use: Acne spots. Or headache acne. Apply every 4-6 hours.Order receipt number: 10-1-5914550Net weight : 5 gramsApplicable to all skin types Because there is no ingredient in the allergen.Dermatitis Test Result That does not cause Irritant (gentle) can be used on all skin types. Safe by certified byDoes not make a thin skin, does not cause blood vessels to expand, does not cause skin sensitivity to light.Imported from leading international manufacturers and produced by world-class quality manufacturers with scientifically validated scientific results.Payment I accept payment through paypal only. Shipping We delivery within 1 - 2 days after payment verification, We delivery to worldwide via Thai Registered AirMail (included insurance and tracking number) you will receive your merchandise within 1 - 2 weeks (after delivery). If you have not received your merchandise after 1 month

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