New VELFORM MAX22 Care Natural Treatment Hair Growth From Spain 1 Box 2 Bottle

New VELFORM MAX22 Care Natural Treatment Hair Growth From Spain 1 Box 2 Bottle
( 1 Box 2 Bottle.) 
Just having confidence, everything is a simple matter of hairstyles as part of the confidence you get. It helps to increase confidence and reduce a lot of age. But the problem of hair falling out of age and Reducing the use of herbal extracts to reduce tension and reduce weight
Those involved in weight loss drugs with a mixture of drugs with a variety of high-quality and inexpensive drugs. Better if we have products that help to reduce the break-up and nourish the scalp at the same time.
Velform Max Hair Tonic Hair and scalp nourishing products to reduce hair loss and hair to get excellent care of 700 lines and relax the increase of hair and get up to 90% reduction in 6-12 weeks (depending on service conditions and scalp Before using the product)
In addition to reducing hair loss and regeneration, Velform Max Hair Tonic also helps to reduce scalp weight.
1. Korean Ginseng (Panax Ginseng Root Extract) Ginseng root extract helps improve blood circulation.
2. Berdox grass (Arctium majus root extract) The root is an ancient herb used to treat ovaries and hair loss. Soft, shiny hair
3. Wakame seaweed or kelp, rich in minerals from the sea, 46 species, 16 types of adenosine acid, 11 types of whiten, iodine and iron potassium It is very special in helping to clean and repair the hair.
4. Dragon fruit (undatus fruit extract) has properties to help restore the scalp.
5. Flower extract Malva sylvestris has the ability to nourish the scalp firmly and help the skin smooth and soft.
6. Chenopodium quinoa seed is high in protein and contains various minerals to help keep the hair roots tight. Dandruff and also helps to maintain natural hair color as well.
7. Mimosa tree bark (Mimosa tenuiflora bark extract) is a Brazilian local plant that has the ability to reduce inflammation, treat and restore the skin better.
8. Ylang-Ylang flower (Kale flower scent extract) helps to sterilize and help smooth the skin and helps to nourish the skin and reduce the occurrence of acne and dandruff of the hair.
9. Soap shell (Quillajaja saponariabark split) Ancient herbs have the properties to maintain the cleanliness of the skin.
10. Ginkgo biloba leaf (Ginkgo biloba leaf extract) has properties that help in blood circulation, helping to prevent skin breakage. And long, sleek, healthy and shiny
11. Brazilian ginseng (extracts from Pfaffia paniculata root) for rejuvenation and immunity, preventing blood circulation
12. Goji berry or chic (Lycium barbarum fruit extract) has the ability to support and reduce inflammation, a substance that has antioxidant activity 21, type B6 and high vitamin E.
13. Quinine bark (Cinchona succirubra bark extract) Properties of hair root maintenance
14 Rathany (Krameria triandra, root extract) has properties as a contact lens for dry hair, damaged hair, helps to clean the scalp.
15 Red ginseng (Maca root or Lepidium meyenii root extract) Ginseng contains minerals, pharynx, iron, helps to nourish and color the hair back naturally. The head also
16. Birds foot trefoil beans (lotus extract corniculatus), classified as legume, helps in the absorption of proteins, helps to reduce various inflammation with the skin of the head
17 Polypodium root extracts, leucotomos, fern family plants have properties to treat skin diseases.
18. Damian's Herb (Extract from Turnera diffusa leaves) is a native plant that has medicinal properties in Brazil. Absorbs iron, giving importance to red blood cells and helping to strengthen hair roots.
19. Aung Ngee Mee or Huang Jin (Chinese Round Head Extract or Scutellaria Root Extract) The root contains extracts that help to thicken the hair, tighten the hair.
20. Germinated soybean seeds (Glycine soja germ extract) is an amino acid obtained from Germinated soybean seeds contain vitamin C and potassium. Helps to regenerate hair, soften and slow down the aging of hair. Reduce hair loss from stress. Helps to repair the damaged hair, making it stronger, looking healthier.
21. Wheat germ (Triticum vulgare germ extract) contains natural plant fat and high vitamin E. Which is an important part in the regeneration of hair With B vitamins helps to reduce hair loss
22. Carapa guaianensisseed oils or crab wood use the seed oil Which contains omega-3 helps the scalp and hair clean Reduce dandruff, flaky scalp. Helps blood flow to the scalp and hair roots Helps to reduce the pain, swelling of the blisters on the scalp.
Properties of Velform Max 22
- can stimulate hair to increase up to 700 lines
- Stimulate my new growth
- Reduce hair loss by up to 90% in 6-12 weeks (depending on the condition of hair and scalp before using the product)
Product size
- Packing size of 200 ml per bottle
How to use
- Dripping or applying to the area of ​​the scalp that is dry or damp That needs to be massaged gently Leave to dry without washing Should be used daily, morning and before bedtime or as often as needed
- External use, do not eat And test for allergies by means of the arms, behind the ears before using
Product: Velform Max 22
Quantity: 1 Box 2 Bottle
Size: 1 bottle 200 ml.
Velform Max22 ผลิตภัณฑ์ดูแลเส้นผม Set 2 ขวด ผลิตภัณฑ์ดูแลผม ราคา ...
Velform Max22 ผลิตภัณฑ์ดูแลเส้นผม Set 2 ขวด ผลิตภัณฑ์ดูแลผม ราคา ...
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