Thai Pop Maker ice Cream Popsicles Stainless steel Grade 304 pot BIN VT 60 Tube

60 Tube Thai Pop Maker ice Cream Popsicles Stainless Steel Grade 304 pot BIN Vintage
Product of Thailand
Condition: New
Quantity: 1 pc.
Colors: silver
Stainless Steel Grade 304 = Good 
- Made of stainless steel, 60 bulbs
- Making a sale of the market for the event.
- Booth Shop retro
- weight 7 kg
Ice Cream Tube story
In Thailand Ice began during the reign of King Rama 5 is one of Western culture's King Rama V of Siam had been published. After a trip to India, Indonesia and Singapore. Ice at first was not able to produce in the country. It is imported from Singapore. Thailand when the ice began to eat more ice cream. Ice cream is a drink for only the King's pretensions Department Damrong Rajanupab record.
Ice cream is a wonderful time. I recently got an ice machine at which he made his home. Some days it's hard to do and some days it's not hard. Some days I do have some ice cream. Therefore, it is a wonderful
The ice palace is made of coconut water. Add tamarind, roasted And later, when the ice plant. It also holds a fine. The villagers make their own ice cream with coconut ice cream in the beginning, it is a subtle ice crystal is very sweet and fragrant flowers cat. In those days, people are popular ways of eating food in a houseboat. Like the latter, it will sell noodles. Or coffee on board
The characteristics of coconut ice cream in a bowl and sprinkle with the roasted peanuts, it has come since those days. Coconut ice cream, which was developed from the coconut milk was concentrated. Has put Ladcheag, seeds and wood pellets tore into. The people of Thailand have adapted foreign ice cream is ice cream and coconut milk. Using coconut milk mixed with sugar to make a stiff ride. Meat popsicle is quite clear ice profile. Taking time to scrape ice from the metal pot on ice hardens. The bowl is for children to eat ice cream scoop with beans or rice to eat some Palm Seed bread cut into pieces. The rift is a groove in the middle.
The ice cream bars or tubes, it occurred during the reign of seven zinc using a nectar tube and shake thoroughly. And a shaft plug The tanks drive to sell in the streets. Ring a bell as a signal to customers. There is also a selling point to get ice cream, free from wood that has a red label, you will eat free with a rod. The ice tube until it has developed a vintage ice cream containing milk, with a rectangular bar. 

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