MADE GUNA Collagen Natural Extracts Vitamins Minerals Antioxidants Enzymes 2 Box


MADE GUNA Collagen Natural Extracts Vitamins Minerals Antioxidants Enzymes 2 Box


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                            Guna Collagen 1 Box 10 Vial    


Maden Collagen Meso-Collagen (MADE Collagen) consists of 2 parts, namely "Maden" and "collagen", both of which are in the group "Homeopathy" or Physiologic Regulating Medicine, which is considered the most widely used and popular alternative medicine in Europe. By focusing on the balance of work from the cellular level and working together Between various systems


The components of MADE consist of various natural extracts such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and enzymes that enhance each other's work. The mechanism starts with the detoxification process. ) Residues which hinder the work of cells Improving the circulatory system From then, it stimulates the energy production process of the cells. So that the cells have the ability to work efficiently Then continue by stimulating the process of creating collagen and substances Glycosaminoglycan Or structural substances used to hold water in the skin The type that we know well is Hyaluronic Acid. Stimulates blood to nourish the skin more. Including reducing the destruction of skin elasticity By inhibiting Enzyme Hyaluronidase And against free radicals Which will help us to slow down the aging process and make the skin stronger


Collagen used in conjunction with Maden is different from other collagen Is the common collagen Then use collagen extract to add to the skin But the collagen that is used with Maden It is a type called Homeopathic Collagen, which, in addition to being collagen in itself, Can also stimulate the creation of new collagen in our skin


If briefly the scope of work of MADE Collagen is as follows

- Clear toxins and dead skin cells that are left in the skin.

- Accelerate energy metabolism and stimulate blood circulation

- Restore and balance the body with free radicals immune system around us. Prevent wrinkles

- Deep nourishment to the skin cell layer Make the skin smooth, soft, moist. Looks radiant, radiant, healthy, slows down aging


How to treat skin and wrinkles with MADE Collagen. There are 2 methods: (1) Push the drug through the needle into the acupuncture area at all 16 points on the face which is the position to help Make the medicine spread well, work well By using a very small needle so it can hardly see any bruises After doing, can make-up, conceal needles and return to normal life (2) pushed through radio frequency media After the staff cleans the face and exfoliates the skin, the skin care process Staff will drop the substance to come. Collagen all over the face, then use a radio frequency media tool throughout the face to slowly come to the collagen substance Penetrates deeply into the skin cells


How many continuous treatments to see results Based on Italian research The manufacturer recommends using it Collagen 1 time per week continuously for at least 7-10 times to adjust the balance of skin cells. And reduce existing wrinkles After that, use 1-3 times a month to maintain that good skin condition sustainably.


Confident, Maden Collagen can be used with all skin types, those with acne, wrinkles, and allergic rashes. And can be used even for people without any skin problems But must slow down the aging process and maintain the skin not rough Or sagging As it helps to eliminate substances that are toxic to cells Increase circulation and stimulate the work of skin cells to be effective


Method of injection: Meso4mm needle is used to inject the subcutaneous layer of Dermis or Subq depending on the purpose of treatment. Technique ID / SC releasing medication at 16 spots to spread lymph on the face. As a treatment "Homeopathy" focuses on the balance of work from the cellular level and working together. Between various systems Therefore, if the injection is not correct May not see the expected result


Method of injection according to the desired treatment result Please learn more at this link:


Maden and Guna Collagen will help treat wrinkles at the origin of the wrinkles. Which the formulas of Madele and collagen will help to act Processively and in rhythm Each drug acts to promote each other, resulting in a better therapeutic effect. Essentially, Madeleine and collagen Will act as 4 steps as follows

1. Detoxification Is to accelerate the detoxification and waste which causes wrinkles from the body By stimulating the work of various organs that are responsible for excretion such as liver, kidneys, intestines and lymph nodes etc. This movement is a very necessary movement for the treatment of disease. Because if there are a lot of toxins and waste left in the body Will make the body weak and cause symptoms of various diseases easily When there is a lot of waste inside The body is not able to absorb new nutrients to nourish it. Like a glass of water that can't be filled again.


2. Metabolism is the acceleration of energy metabolism and blood circulation. Which this process will help the body get the nutrients it needs Which comes with blood Can have the power to heal itself


3. Nutrients and Cell therapy are the right amount of nutrients and tissue cells that the body needs. For health and good skin


4. Restructuring Is to adjust the balance to the new body Helps the body to have good immunity, strong, able to fight the cause of various diseases. Makes the skin beautiful, not strong        


Use Maden and Guna How many times will collagen be seen?


Since wrinkles occur for many reasons, of course, wrinkles are only visible when we get older. Due to deteriorated skin cells and certain substances such as collagen, hyaluronic acid And the fibroblasts were destroyed Therefore, skin rejuvenation depends on the health and age of the individual. The younger the result is, the sooner Because the sales condition is still good and does not take a long time to rehabilitate and adjust the condition But if getting older, it will take more time as well Because there is no magic medicine that will help wrinkles disappear and make the skin healthy overnight. But can guarantee that Madeleine and collagen Will help the user to have a clear, radiant skin, with a healthy, moist, firm, and by-product of using Madele and collagen, meaning that the user is healthy, fresh, bright, and in a good mood. Small illnesses that are on a regular basis will also disappear. Balance the health of both men and women


Maden and Guna Collagen should continue every week. Once a week, make a course 5-7 times. The treatment should not be taken more than 1 time.

Package size10 amp x 2ml 

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