SRS Skin Rejuvenation Solution Get Rid Excess Fat Face Area V-Shape 10 Bottles


SRS Skin Rejuvenation Solution Get Rid Excess Fat Face Area V-Shape 10 Bottles



Condition  : New 100%

Size        :  1 Box / 10 Bottles

Quantity   : 1 Pc


Skin Rejuvenation Solution for face

1 bottle 5ml 1 box 10 bottles


 SRS Corporel Lipolysis is a mesothelioma that helps reduce excess fat on the face. Or excess fat around the neck or wattle with a mixture of amino acids and hyaluronic acid that results in rapid results And helps to nourish the face in the body as well


Mesotherapy is a non-surgical treatment. But will focus on fixing the problem to the specific problem For example Excess body fat Cellulite Excess fat on the face Including skin rejuvenation around the face and neck as well


  In addition, mesotherapy can be found in many types. Various brands Depends on What kind of treatment is needed, but the type that is currently popular and the best-selling right now is probably a product to reduce excess on the torso, face, neck and skin rejuvenation products. Clear enough


However, Cosmed Pharma imports the SRS brand, Skin Rejuvenation Solution, which is the latest innovation of the popular Mesoamerica group imported from France and manufactured in America. And is considered the best character that has it all


Get rid of excess fat around the face and wattle efficiently with special ingredients Causes the breakdown of fat resulting in a V-Shape face



Contains Vitamin B complex • Hyaluronic Acid • Leucine, Veline • Adenosine Cyclic Phosphate (cAMP) as the main ingredient The result is to reduce excess fat on the face and wattle along with the nourishment from amino acids. And hyaluronic acid


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