6 Box 100% Natural Extract Renatar Fiber X No Residue Prebiotics Phytonutrients



Condition  : New 100%

Type      :   Powder

Size        :  1 Box Contains 7 Sachets X 6 Box

Quantity   : 6 Pc


Renatar Fiber X Renata Fiber X 1 box contains 7 sachets


Fiber X is #Genomicdetox, or detox that goes down to the cellular level. We will add Resveratrol, which is grape seed extract. When we take it, it stimulates SIRTUIN genes to produce SIRTUIN PROTEIN to reduce inflammation and Reduces free radicals present at the cellular level. The result is people who eat them. It will be healthy from the cellular level. In other words, it will slow down aging and restore skin.


100% natural extract, good for health, no residue Do not mix medicine, do not twist pain


"The first one" and "the only one" that has 2 nutrients that are good for the intestines. Cut the excess with Prebiotics. Add the missing part as well. Phytonutrients


- Prebiotics inhibit the growth of bad bacteria, help prevent diarrhea, relieve constipation, prevent infections in the digestive system.


- Phytonutrients Bio-nutrients from colorful fruits and vegetables That the body cannot synthesize by itself In which the substances from vegetables and fruits have their unique aroma, color, and flavor And has properties in helping to neutralize free radicals


Renatar's products have many safety standards, including FDA, Halal and Islam.

The production plants pass the standards Intertek with GMP CODEX and HACCP.

FDA registration number: 10-1-10858-5-0185


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