New Aquaskin Veniscy 6 Whitening Skin Strenght Whitening Anti Oxcident


New Aquaskin Veniscy 6 Whitening Skin Strenght Whitening Anti Oxcident 1 Box


Condition: 100%, seal, never used.
Quantity: 1 Box.
Packing size: 10 set

Reduce acne, moisturize skin, smooth, clear, white, clear, 6 times faster than before.

Contain :
1x AQUA SKIN VENISCY 6 ULTIMATE STRENGTH WHITENING — 20 vials pow¬ders and 10 ampoules 10ml.
Place of Ori¬gin Switzer¬land

10 ml Ampoules
Aqua Skin L-Ascorbic Acid 64,000mg
Aqua Skin Natural Collagen Extract 16,00mg
Aqua Skin Hyaluronic Acid 7,000mg
Aqua Skin Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) 7,800mg
Aqua Skin Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) 3,750mg
Aqua Skin Matrixyl 3,600mg

Lypophilizied Powder 10 vials
Aqua Skin Multivitamin 60,000mg
Aqua Skin Kojic Acid 6,000mg
Aqua Skin Copper Peptide 3,000mg
Aqua Skin Vegetal Placenta 3,900mg

Lypophilizied Powder 10 vials
Veniscy Hexa-Glutathione 18,000g
Veniscy Nani Peptides 7,000mg
Veniscy (Dimethylaminoethanol) DMAE 800mg
Veniscy Coenyme Pro Q10 180,000mg
Veniscy Selenium 2,800mg

Benefits of AQUA SKIN VENISCY 6:
▪ Fades skin and scars
▪ Increase skin elasticity
▪ Keep the skin moist and moisturized
▪ The firmware makes the skin smooth and soft.
▪ Reduce color intensity due to exposure to sunlight
▪ Reduce wrinkles and deep grooves
▪ Inhibit the formation of clogged acne, inflammatory acne, prickly heat
▪ Reduce pore size and improve skin condition
▪ Eliminate excess free radicals that will cause the brain and organs to function abnormally.
▪ Prevent premature aging

Remark: Whatever you choose to do with this product.  It is your responsibility.

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