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Reasons To Shop With US

 Free Shipping & No Taxes - all our sellers offer free shipping on everything with no hidden taxes at checkout so you can shop without worrying about the final price since what you see is the final price.

 Our Seller -

1. Consistently ship 95% of their orders on-time
2. Processed 1,000,000+ orders through eShop successfully
3. 5-30% lower prices than other similar products 
4. Faster support due to the direct relationship with our team  
6. Business contacts and addresses checked daily.  
7. Dedicated staff to make sure your orders are delivered on-time
8. Product/shipping capacity verified.
9. Dispute rates lower than 10%

No Pop Up Ads- we want consumers to focus on products and content that matter to them instead of annoying pop-ups. 

 Customer Privacy- We live in a time where big companies abuse the data we give them and this is against our morals. We did not want to use unethical tactics that are being used in 90% of the website an average person visits every day by supporting & applying future implementations of no IP address tracking, No heatmaps, no cookies, no specific targeting and more. Ask for your data on our website and you will receive a file from us!

 New Products Every Month- Every category goes through a monthly "Edrop" which mean you get new products every month throughout the whole year! 

 You are supporting jobs and small business owners- it is our responsibility to provide jobs, Fair Economy, Customer over Shareholders, Ethical Commerce, Best Shopping experience, Entertainment and Global connectivity.


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