PayPal: Dying While Owing Us Money Is Unacceptable to Us

PayPal is an E-payments Company and they sent an email to a dead customer relatively stating that the ending of life functions—and therefore an helplessness for the customer in question to refund their remaining account money—was a contravention of policy of site.

As per the reports of BBC, Lindsay Durdle, a 37-year old woman, was died because of breat cancer and it spread into her brain and lungs on May 31st, 2018. According to her husband, he provided the overall documentation to PayPal including death certificate of his wife, her will and his ID proofs as well.  

In response, PayPal wrote a letter to Durdle’s husband indicating:


Dear Mrs. Lindsay Durdle,

This is a default notice served under section 87(1) of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Your account has an outstanding balance of £3,240.72.

Provision of Agreement Breached

You are in breach of condition 15-4(c) of your agreement with PayPal Credit as we have received notice that you are deceased. In accordance with condition 15-4(c), we are entitled to close your account, terminate your agreement and demand repayment of the full amount outstanding.

Nature of Breach

This breach is not capable of remedy.


 ESHOP Opinion – PayPal has used absolutely a disgusting and disgraceful way to acquire payment. This is really shameful for a big and well known company.  

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