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Before you start selling 

How to register 

Please go to and click on “Be a Seller” if you have not yet made your seller account.

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$40 per month. Selling Tools, Analytics, Inventory Tracking & Storefront Included:

  • We Do Social Media Marketing For Your Products on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest & Tiktok To Millions Of Monthly Viewers. You Never Have To Worry About Marketing Since Our Social Media Team Creates Product Posts & Videos For You. We Do Strategic Marketing & Promote Your Products Every Month. All Content We Create Is Yours To Use.
  • Being a Everythingeshop Seller Ranks Your Products Higher On Google Since We Do Complete SEO With Backlink, Content Writing & More For Products. We List All Your Products On Google Shopping So Sellers Get More Organic Traffic & Product Views From Customers.
  • 1.5% On All Items Sold
  • World's Lowest Selling Fee
  • 24 Hour Seller Support
  • Unlimited Product Listing
  • Free Product Advertisement 
  • Automatic Product Upload by CSV File
  • Get Worldwide Customers Monthly
  • Shopify API Integration

What you’ll need to get started  

Once you create a seller account then you can start uploading products and just filling in your seller storefront and description.

How much does it cost to sell on Everything Shop?  

We take a 1.5% selling fee and $40 monthly subscription fee. There are no other fees, e.g. unlimited products listing, Google shopping listing, social media promotion and SEO are included.

Get to know Seller Account  

Start filling your store’s information with its name, address and description. Please fill in your store and shipping policy. We offer seller freedom which means the seller decides the shipping geography as long as what to write in the product description. Shipping to the USA and Canada or other particular regions/countries is not needed if you don’t want to sell here. Every seller is responsible for its own shipping and we will be launching a service where you can get discounted shipping labels from USPS, FedEx and Canada Post in the future.

How to list products  

You can add them manually, send us a CSV file with products so that we upload them for you or fully sync your inventory with your own Shopify store.

Listing your first product  

Make sure you added your store’s city and short description. After that you are able to list your first product on everythingeshop.

What you need to start listing products  

Please add your product name, photo, type, price, quantity and description.

You can also specify your shipping terms, product tags, policy and variants as well as add your products to one of our product collections.

The most challenging task when you are starting your business is not designing or selecting the products that you will sell, but rather it is determining how you want to sell your products and where you want to sell them. If you want to sell your products, the best way to reach millions of customers is by selling your products online or through an e-shop. 

In contrast to traditional brick-and-mortar stores, the Internet lets you reach a much larger, geographically-dispersed market without the limitations of time and space keeping you and your business back. You can gain and attain more customers, resulting in more profit and faster business growth. Online shopping and selling have become the easiest way to make money, especially with the outbreak of the pandemic and people losing their jobs as a result. If you want to learn about selling online in Canada, this is the ultimate guide for you!

What You Will Need To Get Started?

The first thing you will need to get started is obviously some products. If you want to sell both pre-loved objects, clothing and new items, then Everythingeshop are great options. To decide what you want to sell, you can check the latest online trends and look for objects and crafts that you can make - such as the colorful twisty candles that are popular on TikTok nowadays or make something using your own skills. 

Once you have decided on the items you want to sell, you can move on to the next step which is taking professional pictures of your products. A good listing provides professional photos which showcase the products with an eye-catching and interesting background, and also exhibits the products in use. Items such as candles can be styled as decor and items of clothing can be worn by models so that the customers can see how it looks on an actual person.

Where to sell your stuff online in Canada?

One of the best options in Everythingeshop. Everythingeshop is a marketplace for sellers who can create e-shop sores to sell their products and reach millions of customers quickly and easily. Everything e-shop does the marketing for you and makes your products stand out. They have the lowest selling fees - ranging between2.5-1.5 percent of your profits, so the sellers get to keep the bulk of their earnings. 

The sellers can also customize what countries they sell to, how long their return/refund policy will be as well as write their own store policy. As a US and Canada-based company, Everything e-shop is an ideal place if you want to start selling online in Canada, especially since their aim is to support small and local businesses. 

How to Use EverythingeShop to Sell Products?

To use the services of Everythingeshop, you have to pay 40 dollars a month to set up a seller’s account which includes benefits likeSelling Tools, Analytics, Inventory Tracking and Storefront. This can be costly for a start-up business, but the e-store takes care of the bulk of the marketing and promotions for you, which means lower costs in the long run. 

The social media feature creates engaging posts for the member-sellers to promote their content on different social networking sites. All you need to do is sign up to have access to millions of customers the platform already enjoys. Creating a listing is not that difficult with Everything e-shop. The site offers forms that are easy to fill, and you can customize your store as much as you want. One problem with Everything e-store, however, is that the sellers have to offer free shipping to their clients. To deal with this issue, the sellers can include the shipping cost in the overall price of the product if they want. 

Problems that You May Encounter

Many things can go wrong while setting up an e-store and one of the major problems can be a lack of customer traffic. To engage more buyers, you can write compelling descriptions and offer multiple pictures, so the customer knows you are selling genuine products. 

After selling products, encourage your customers to leave reviews and regularly update your page. Reply to your customers as fast as you can because no one likes waiting. If you are unable to deal with the number of orders coming in, then you can ask the customers to wait for you until you restock and perhaps offer some percentage off on their next purchase. 

The Bottom Line

If you want to start selling online in Canada without needing a lot of investment or incurring a lot of preliminary costs, then e-stores are a great option. One of the best online selling stores in Canada today is Everything e-store – mainly because it lets you have the freedom over your own listing, your store policy as well as your return/refund days. 

The platform takes only 2.5 to 1.5 percent of your profits, but if you want a professional account and wish to be able to see valuable analytics, inventory tracking, etc. then you have to pay only 40 dollars a month and they will create and promote the content for you. It is a smart option if you want to consider selling online, and also want the freedom to customize your shop exactly the way you want it - all while enjoying a deep client base and constant customer traffic.

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