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Your Guide to Everythingeshop – The Worlds Online Marketplace

The Rise of the Online Marketplace

The world’s online marketplace has been growing for decades and is now the dominant means of shopping. In 2018 alone, all of the world’s online marketplaces had a combined sales volume of $1.87 trillion – such marketplaces had been witnessing a significant boom in sales even before the arrival of a global pandemic that made online shopping the norm. 

Find Your Way in the World’s Online Marketplace with Everythingeshop

Thanks to COVID-19, many e-commerce platforms became top online marketing places in 2020. Small business owners can greatly benefit from shifting at least a portion of their sales online, but choosing the right marketplace can be difficult. That is where Everythingeshop comes in! 

E-commerce Made Accessible

Everythingeshop is a versatile online marketplace built to support small and local businesses. All you have to do to begin selling your products on Everythingeshop is sign up and create a listing. You can choose an existing category for your product or create a new one, and set an exchange and return policy. 

By signing up to Everythingeshop, you gain access to the platform’s existing customer base of millions of shoppers throughout Canada, North America and Europe. The only requirement for signing up is that you must offer free shipping, so consider including shipping costs in the overall price of your products.  

Additional Perks 

Novice users can have a hard time keeping up with online marketplace trends and advertising their products accordingly, but Everythingeshop solves this issue by marketing your products itself. The platform also promotes your products on social media, and offers you advanced tools like analytics and inventory tracking so you can optimize your online reach! 

Lower Fees 

Everythingeshop is affordable and transparent with its fees. Once you sign up, you are charged a monthly fee of $40, which is quite reasonable considering the convenience and added benefits it offers. The sales commission is also low – around 1.5 - 2.5 per cent per transaction – and there are no hidden costs! 

FAQs: Online Marketplace Platform

What is the world's largest online marketplace?

The largest online marketplace in the world is Amazon with around 197 million monthly shoppers in the US alone, and over a billion regular users worldwide.

Is eBay the world's largest online marketplace?

eBay is not the world’s largest online marketplace; that title belongs to Amazon, with Chinese retail giant Alibaba being a close second. Both platforms boast 1.22bn and 1.07bn worldwide users, respectively.  

How can I sell my product online worldwide?

To sell your products online worldwide for low fees, you can use Everythingeshop – the platform advertises your products to millions of customers and offers you many versatile analytical tools, all for a very affordable fee. 

What was the first online marketplace?

The first online marketplace was invented in 1979 by Micheal Aldrich, but his idea didn’t prove economically viable until the Internet was born. Using his techniques, the first online marketplace was created in 1982. This was called the Boston Computer Exchange - which later came to be known as eCommerce, and it allowed people users to buy and sell used computers online. 

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