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Winter Business Casual Attire Ideas | What You Should Be Wearing This Winter

Winter Business Casual Attire Ideas | What You Should Be Wearing This Winter

If you want to decipher the business casual dress code in a well-fitting and professional manner, while keeping it close to your own unique personal style - then trust us you're not alone. The way you present yourself in a workplace leaves a strong impression by giving you a chance to express your personality.

Whether it is a long-awaited job interview, an important business meeting, or even just any other regular day at work - your approach in styling your attire is sure to make all the difference! Your appearance must compliment your taste in clothing as well as the workplace dress code since it is most difficult to strike a balance between both. The winter season is just around the corner and this calls for you to be prepared!

If you are wondering: what is dressing business casual for women in winter, worry not because we are here with an ultimate guide that will definitely amp your look this season.

 Winter Business Casual Attire Ideas | What You Should Be Wearing This Winter

What is Dressing Business Casual?

Business casual is a hybrid of professional and casual dress codes. The main idea is to mix elements of formal attire with more comfortable pieces in such a way that your overall look is professional and classy, yet relaxed.

This dressing style is a diverse one and varies according to each company and industry, as it is strongly influenced by the culture of the respective place. The first thing you need to do to ensure your styling is up to the mark is to check whether the dress code of your workplace is more inclined towards the formal aspect or the casual. Once that is done, all that's left to do is play around with the pieces in your wardrobe and match them to create the perfect attire!


What is Dressing Business Casual for Women in Winter?

When dressing business casual for winters, you need to go for warm styles and neutral colors. The key to rocking a casual winter outfit is making sure you mix and match materials, textures, and even styles. Destroyed denim paired with cashmere is definitive casual winter chic. Whatever the look, don’t forget to complete your casual winter outfit with the ultimate winter accessory: the cozy scarf.

The next few sections of this guide will further define what dressing business casual is for women in winter.

Winter Business Casual Attire Ideas | What You Should Be Wearing This Winter 

What are The Basics of Business Casual Attire?

Most of the basics you need for business casual attire are probably in your closet already. All that needs to be done is to pair them with their right match to create a look that's subtle, laid-back yet classy enough to make you a real fashionista at your workplace!

Brands such as Welligogs, Jackie Maguire, Bombshell, and Celtic & Co offer some of the most mind-blowing winter collections that you surely need to get your hands on for this season. Mix and match their stylish pieces to create some of the best business casual looks. Here are some of our favorite basic attires that you might want to try out as well:

  • Styling Cashmere Turtlenecks
  • Starting with a neutral-colored cashmere turtleneck is a great choice. This trendy piece of clothing works best with almost everything, be it high-waisted jeans, loose-fit patterned pants, or even a mid-length skirt. Layering options are also elaborate with cashmere turtlenecks, you can go for classic blazer tops or thick coats of a contrasting color. You can further layer it with multiple small pendants to complete the look.

  • Basic Shirt Fashionista
  • The versatility of a basic, button-down shirt is insane! Whether it is a classic cotton shirt subdued with neutral colors or a lightweight silk shirt popping with bright colors; this look will never go out of style. Tuck in your shirt in some high-waisted jeans, layer it up with pieces of jewelry and accessories, go for some knee-length boots or iconic heels - and this right here is a typical business casual look for you. Be sure of wearing a camisole underneath in case the fabric is sheer, which is a good way to make it more workplace-friendly.

  • Monochrome Blazer Look
  • Blazers are considered as completely formal attire; however, with the right styling you can transform it into a business casual look in no time. Going monochrome with blazers is classic and such pieces are a definite must-have for your closet. To soften the look, you can cuff the sleeves, which adds to the casual aspect of the dress code. Put your hair up in a loose, messy bun, throw on some heels, and if you’re really feeling it, go for some hoop earrings too!

  • Pencil Skirts to Work
  • The stylish pencil or A-line skirt with an appropriate length is a powerful look for the workplace. A single skirt can serve multiple looks with different blouses of various colors and textures, making it one of the most business casual friendly choices out there. Layer it up with an overcoat and even a leather jacket. You can accentuate the look by adding on a scarf around your neck, which surely makes a statement in the winter. Pick a handbag, throw on some boots, and you are ready for a statement-making day at work!

  • Layering With Coats
  • Layering in winters can never go wrong. Whether it is the good old button-down shirt, or a textured blouse, a casual top, or a well-knitted sweater; the right layers can elevate your look instantly. Going for long coats in the shades of grey, navy blue, and black are iconic. Be it a plaid design or a solid one, these pieces create an effortless, chic style for most business casual looks. Layering can be tricky and to avoid overstuffing, our pro tip is to finish off with a fitting belt that will define your waist and also provide an illusion of tall height.

    Check out Manquien, Blackshore, and Moda de la Maria for their outstanding coat collection to stock up for this season.

    Winter Business Casual Attire Ideas | What You Should Be Wearing This Winter 


    What is Considered as A Business Casual Dress? 

    Any dress with the right fit and appropriate length for a workplace is considered a business casual dress – whether it is a wrap dress, or a silk one; a mock turtleneck dress, or a midi. They are mostly figure-flattering, versatile, easy to wear and layer; making them one of the best choices for your day at work.

    Business casual dresses are quite a tricky territory, however, with the right style; you can pull off your look effortlessly. Dresses have a way of giving polished femininity, which is ideal for working women. Merge your casual dresses with some prominent accessories and add ons, such as the perfect gold studs, a well-fitted layering piece, and of course: our ever favorite, scarves. And with that, you have perfect semi-formal attire to rock.


    How Do You Dress Business Casual in Snow?

    Cold weather is one thing, snowy days, on the other hand, call for more elaborate styling. Dressing business casual in the snow is a fun experiment, as it is finally time to take your layering trick onto the next level! You can help keep warm by wearing plenty of thin layers rather than one thick one, putting on a coat, hat, scarf, gloves, and warm shoes or boots when you go outside, wearing clothes made of wool or fleece synthetic fibers (cotton is only effective if the garment stays dry). [1]

    If you want to know what business casual dressing is for women in winter, especially on a snowy day; our favorite trick is: going all dark! This kind of look is very enhancing in the whites of the snow; one that will surely turn heads in your direction. Throwing on a mid-thigh coat with a well-defined waist, paired with some thermal leggings tucked into long, knee-length boots is unexceptionally iconic. If you want to pop in some color, complete your look with a bright, contrasting scarf. And with that, you are all set to step out on a snowy day in your chic business casual attire!


    What Are The “Don’ts” of Business Casual Attire?

    Now that you know what dressing business casual is for women in winter, let's talk about the things that are not considered a part of this dress code, which you need to avoid at all times. To narrow it down, we have compiled a shortlist of don’ts of business casual attire that is not encouraged in a workplace:

    • Don’t wear wrinkled or stained clothing to work under any circumstances. It is considered highly unprofessional and ruins your first impression.
    • Don't wear dresses and skirts that are too short. They can be very uncomfortable to work in.
    • Don't go for way too comfortable options; for instance, showing up to work in sweatpants or tank tops. The rule of thumb is: anything you wear to the gym is not what you want to wear to work.
    • Don’t compromise on your apparel. Avoid wearing slides, flip-flops, sneakers, etc. to work.
    • Don’t wear excessive jewelry. It can be both distracting and uncomfortable.
    • Don’t feel overwhelmed by the business casual dress code and overdo your look. The closer you stay to your taste, the better you would be able to pull off the look.

    The Final Word

    We hope that this guide: What is dressing business casual for women in winter helps you to figure out the attributes of this dress code. Remember, the whole point of the dress code is to keep you relaxed while looking professional at the same time. Some basics from your wardrobe and lots of creativity, and with that you are good to go!



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