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Top 15 Thanksgiving Games and Activities to Enjoy (2022 Guide)

Top 15 Thanksgiving Games and Activities to Enjoy (2022 Guide)

Thanksgiving is a time to express gratitude for what you have and spend time with the people you love most. As the holidays come nearer, you can honor longstanding traditions while introducing a few new activities to keep the family entertained.

In addition to fun games, you can match them with hilarious Thanksgiving jokes that are sure to be as pleasant for adults as they are for kids.

Top 15 Thanksgiving Games and Activities to Enjoy (2022 Guide)

And so, put your creative caps on and recreate the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, or let your competitive side loose with a few games of turkey bowling that pit the kids and adults against one another.

An informative yet entertaining game for the whole family could also be an excellent way to test your knowledge of Thanksgiving trivia. And if you want to keep the kids interested, consider creating a couple of fun scavenger hunt games.

Top 15 Thanksgiving Games and Activities to Enjoy (2022 Guide)

But to make it easier for you, we have listed 15 Thanksgiving game ideas that can keep the fun going all night long, whether you're in the mood for a creative card game, want to test out a few free printables, or prefer something more virtual.

Alphabet Turkey Match

Top 15 Thanksgiving Games and Activities to Enjoy (2022 Guide)

Try this if you're looking for a family Thanksgiving game aimed at the younger crowd! It would be best if you wrote the letters of the alphabet on the feathers of a hand-made turkey made from construction paper.

Next, write the same notes on a variety of white round stickers and bottle caps. Your little one should match the letters on the turkey with the bottle caps once you've placed the stickers on the bottle tops.

Dancing Corn Science Activity

Top 15 Thanksgiving Games and Activities to Enjoy (2022 Guide)

This enjoyable experiment will add some science to your family's Thanksgiving meal this year. Start with 2 cups of water in a big Mason jar. When you add two tablespoons of baking soda to the pot (don't forget to stir thoroughly!), instruct the young children about which solids dissolve in water.

Then, stir in 1/4 to 1/8 cup of popping kernels. Ask the children at each table their predictions for what will happen when you add the 1 cup of vinegar before you add it. Once everyone has a chance to guess, add the vinegar gradually and watch the fun begin!


DIY Pumpkin Twister Game

Top 15 Thanksgiving Games and Activities to Enjoy (2022 Guide)

You'll need 16 orange, five black, three green, and four yellow construction paper pieces for this game. Print out massive pumpkin templates on colored paper or trace them and cut them out of different colored construction paper. Or go ahead and create your pumpkin-inspired color palette!).

Lay a sheet of paper or a poster on the floor, and then secure it to the surface with tape. Use a pattern you find online, make your own, or play with your Twister spinner from the vintage board game. Having each family perform this via Zoom may get a lot of chuckles.


Family Photographer Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

Top 15 Thanksgiving Games and Activities to Enjoy (2022 Guide)

For families with active kids and teenagers, this game is ideal! Engage kids in a photo scavenger hunt where they must collect pictures of loved ones and holiday-themed objects. Leave hints and puzzles that will direct them to their following photo location if you want to go the extra mile!

If you reside in different parts of the country and can't all be together this year, you can host a virtual scavenger hunt during your Zoom session and have folks run around and locate amusing objects.


Feed the Turkey

Top 15 Thanksgiving Games and Activities to Enjoy (2022 Guide)

Playing this Thanksgiving game as a family will help your toddler develop independent play and fine motor abilities. Pack pom-poms into a medium-sized tub.

Next, take an empty water bottle and adhere craft feathers in vibrant colors and googly eyes (or construct your own with construction paper). Lastly, give your child a pair of plastic tongs and tell them to pick up the pom-poms and put them into the bottle's opening.


Pin the Feather on the Turkey

Top 15 Thanksgiving Games and Activities to Enjoy (2022 Guide)

Start by drawing two circles on a piece of brown construction paper—one for the body and one for the head. Draw a beak on a piece of yellow or orange construction paper, then cut it out with scissors. To make a snood, repeat this procedure with red construction paper (the red bit that hangs over the beak).

To make an eye, cut a circle of white paper. To create the pupil of the turkey, use a black marker. Outline a feather on construction paper in the colors of your choice, cut it out, and attach a little piece of rolled-up painter's tape to the back of each feather. Last but not least, hang the turkey, blindfold the players, give each one a feather and see where they end up!


Pumpkin Tic-Tac-Toe

Top 15 Thanksgiving Games and Activities to Enjoy (2022 Guide)

Get a delightful DIY Thanksgiving center-board and a fun family game all in one! Add several miniature pumpkins to a plastic tic-tac-toe game board after spray painting them. Before setting the table for dinner, ask the kids to play a few rounds of the traditional game.


Shake Your Tail Feather

Top 15 Thanksgiving Games and Activities to Enjoy (2022 Guide)

Remove the tissues from each player's tissue box and swap them out for brightly colored feathers. Tape each box in the middle with a pair of old pantyhose. Give a package to each player.

Instruct them to wrap the socks around their waist with the tissue box on their behind. Players must shake and move around to get their feathers out of their boxes until they all do.


Thanksgiving Bingo

Top 15 Thanksgiving Games and Activities to Enjoy (2022 Guide)

For large parties and families, this timeless game is perfect. You can either make your own Thanksgiving bingo templates or locate them online. Write the letter and the associated image on strips of paper.

After that, choose a person to pull them out of a hat and read the letter aloud. As an illustration, you might write "B, Bird" on a piece of paper, and the person with the image of the turkey in the "B" column would then cover that with their marker. The first person to score five consecutively wins!


Thanksgiving Candy Dice Roll

Top 15 Thanksgiving Games and Activities to Enjoy (2022 Guide)

Draw a turkey by adding green, red, yellow, orange, and blue feathers. Create three white dots outside the feathers and two on the interior using a hole punch or white stickers. Set out a bowl of M&Ms, and a 6-sided die, and arrange them on each placemat on the children's table.

Decide on the color of the M&M to place on the turkey card after rolling the dice. Putting a green M&M on the green feather is allowed if the player rolls a 1. They'll earn a spot in the red feather group with a score of two. Roll the number for the third time, and a blue area will appear.

The numbers 4 and 5, and 6 are orange and yellow, respectively. Whoever has their turkey card wholly filled with the matching M&Ms first wins!


Thanksgiving Pictionary

Top 15 Thanksgiving Games and Activities to Enjoy (2022 Guide)

There aren't much better family Thanksgiving games than this one! Set up a drawing board in the living room and write various Thanksgiving-related terms, such as "turkey" or "mashed potatoes," on pieces of paper.

Gather everyone and divide into teams after dinner. Each group will choose one of its members to draw. The selected individual pulls a piece of paper from the hat, and their team only has 30 seconds to determine their level of artistic skill!


Thanksgiving Turkey Tag

Top 15 Thanksgiving Games and Activities to Enjoy (2022 Guide)

Grab several clothespins and paint them a different color (each player needs at least 3). Using orange construction paper, cut out tiny beaks, and attach them to the opening end of the clothespin along with small googly eyes. To be the last person left with a turkey pin on during the game of tag.

Each participant is free to attach their three clothespins to any item of clothing they like. Once everyone is prepared, spread them out and assign them to their respective spots for the upcoming tag game. Each player seeks to take out the turkey pins of the other players without losing their own.

Once a player has taken a turkey pin from another player, they can drop it on the ground (be sure to pick it up for the following round!). A person is kicked out if they remove all their clothespins from their attire.


The Gratitude Game: Pick-up Sticks

Top 15 Thanksgiving Games and Activities to Enjoy (2022 Guide)

After clearing the table, take a dozen pick-up sticks and lay them on it. Everybody must select a colored bar from the collection before sharing one thing they are thankful for in connection with the color they are holding.

They must identify a person for whom they are grateful if they have a red stick. They must provide a location, such as "home" or "school," for yellow. If left with a green bar, they must express gratitude for a food item (ideally, the turkey you toiled all day to prepare!).

When it is their time, they must name something for which they are grateful if they have the color blue in their possession. Examples include their favorite stuffed animal or a piece of jewellery. They can list anything they are thankful for if they pull the purple stick!


Turkey Balloon Rockets

Top 15 Thanksgiving Games and Activities to Enjoy (2022 Guide)

Set up a chair with a five-foot piece of string attached to it to start this game. Two series lines should be fastened if you want to race two turkeys simultaneously.

The next step is to attach a sizable drinking straw to each string. Next, use tape to attach a foam turkey to the drinking straws (duct or masking). Use it to secure the balloon, so make sure to lay one piece of sticky tape side out in the center.

The string through which the turkey straw is threaded. Put the opposite side of the row on a different chair after you've finished that. Using the additional piece of tape on the turkey straw, attach balloons to the straw by inflating them. Ask them to keep the balloons tightly in your tiny ones' hands.

Making sure the balloon apertures are directed outward toward the seats, pull the balloons to one end of the string track. Let's go after that to see who prevails!


Turkey Baster Relay

Top 15 Thanksgiving Games and Activities to Enjoy (2022 Guide)

There will be plenty of laughter from playing this after-dinner game! Put craft feathers on one side of the table and use masking tape to mark the finish line on the other.

If there aren't enough turkey basters for everyone, distribute them to the group and tell them to race to get their feathers across the finish line. However, they are limited to moving their feathers with their turkey baster to win!


Plan Ahead!

Top 15 Thanksgiving Games and Activities to Enjoy (2022 Guide)

Now that you have some games to choose from, start planning your activities for Thanksgiving ahead and enjoy the holidays with your family!

Remember that this time of the year is an excellent opportunity to create new memories, relax with your relatives, and give thanks for this year and the succeeding ones. Therefore, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving Day from Everything E-Shop!


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