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Sites like Best Buy – Online Marketplaces in USA and Canada

Canada and the United States are two of the most advanced and sophisticated nations where online shopping has become a norm rather than an exception. Being the world’s most developed virtual markets, Canada and the USA have become havens for online shoppers and sellers alike. 

It is no surprise that a whopping 58% of Canadian shoppers learn about new products, brands and companies by searching online for merchandise on either Google or Amazon. The retail giant Best Buy has also made quite a name for itself in the world of electronics – both for its huge physical stores and convenient online marketplace. 

However, Best Buy or Amazon are not the only options in town when it comes to buying and selling online; there are plenty of other alternative virtual marketplaces that are just as easy to use, and often more affordable! So if you've been looking for an alternative, here's a quick rundown of sites like Best Buy.  

Best Buy Alternatives in Canada and the USA 

Although there is no dearth of online sellers offering electronics and other products in North America, the structure and appeal vary from platform to platform. While older and larger platforms like Amazon and Best Buy can attract millions of visitors, emerging e-commerce sites like Everythingeshop can offer unique opportunities for those who are new to the game. 

If you have been looking for online stores like best buy in Canada or the USA, here are some alternatives to check out. 


Amazon is the most famous name in the world of online shopping, and for good reason! Amazon’s wide variety of products means you can find any electronic you want here. Shopping on Amazon only requires a free account, but you can choose to pay a monthly membership to enjoy the added perks of Amazon Prime. 


eBay was around before Amazon and Best Buy became the go-to options for buying electronics online, and it’s still a great alternative! eBay allows you to buy both new and pre-owned gadgets, and you can sell your own items as well. eBay has a healthy range of products to boast of, and they often have discounted deals as well. You will need to create an account to use eBay, but doing so is free! 


Out of all the sites like best buy discussed here, Everythingeshop is the most suitable for individual sellers and small business owners. While sites like eBay also allow you to sell your own products, they don’t give you the additional perks that Everythingeshop does. This online marketplace gives its sellers analytical tools, such as tracking options, and also access to new markets and greater exposure while promoting their products on various social media platforms. All you have to do is create an account and pay a small monthly fee!

Frequently Asked Questions about Sites like Best Buy 

What stores are similar to Best Buy?

Who are Best Buy's competitors?

Best Buy’s biggest competitors are other retail giants like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Alibaba, and Costco. 

Which is the best website to buy electronics?

Newegg and Swappa are great places to buy the latest electronics and tech gadgets from. Retail giants like Amazon and Fry’s also tend to have a good selection of electronics. If you prefer to buy second-hand gadgets though, sites like eBay and Everythingeshop are better options as they allow users to sell pre-owned electronics.  

Is it safe to order online from Best Buy?

Shopping online at Best Buy is perfectly safe, and the company also offers in-home installations and repairs. The customer service is excellent too. However, in the past, some customers have complained about delayed deliveries, as well as inconvenient rescheduling of delivery times. 

The Bottom Line

While Canada might not enjoy as many online marketplaces as some other countries, there is a lot of potential for new sellers who want to test-drive the online market for their merchandise. While stores like Best Buy in Canada are still popular, other platforms like Everythingeshop which are relatively new are nonetheless offering great opportunities for online sellers to sell to a large customer base, increase their brand exposure and realise their full profit potential. 

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John Daniels - September 14, 2022

The email says 1.5% selling fee, the web page says 1% but then I looked again at the email and further down it says 1.5% – 2.5%.
Yes I agree it’s lower than others but what is the actual rate??

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