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Classy Clothes For Women | How To Dress Your Body Type

Classy fashion will never go out of style. Most women want to achieve this look, but there's a misconception that classy clothes are expensive, don't fit right, or don't work with you. You don't need fashion brands to achieve the perfect style; you can make do with what you have. We're here to tell you, classy and elegant fashion absolutely can work for you if you know how.

If you are worried about what looks good on you and what doesn’t, don’t fret. All you need are a few general tips to help you dress classy for your body type, as well as some general tips you can never go wrong with.

Dress Your Body Type

First off, you need to figure out what your body type is. Are you more bottom-heavy or top-heavy? Are you perfectly proportionate throughout? Do you have a defined waistline? These are all questions you need to answer before you can determine your body type.

"Rectangular" Body Type

This body type means that your shoulders are about the same as your hips and waist, giving your body a 'straight' look. Rectangular body types are very easy to style as there are tons of classy clothes made for this body type.

Try a flowy shirt tucked into pants that hug the curves but are loose at the bottom with a waist belt if you're a pants-suit person. This defines your waistline and gives you a definite style. On the other hand, if dresses are more your thing, ruffled dresses with flowy skirts are perfect for you. A simple dress with a modest neckline with ruffled and flowy skirts gives the perfect figure and makes you sophisticated and elegant. This look is also ideal for summer.

"Pear" Body Type

If your shoulders and bust are narrower than your hips and legs, you might be a 'pear' body type. This body type is one of the most coveted body types and, thus, easier to style.

Blazers and pants are your go-to winter look. Oversized blazers that fall below the hip with straight-legged pants look brilliant and stylish with this body type. However, if you prefer something more form-fitting, the possibilities are endless. Try form-fitting tops with flared pants or straight-line dresses with a more curve-hugging top. Also, dark colors look brilliant.

"Apple" Body Type

You might be an "apple" body type with narrow hips and a heavier bust and shoulders. This type looks stunning with some wide pant legs and waterfall jackets. Since your top is heavier than your bottom, it's essential to balance it out. Try form-fitting neutral shirts or high-necks with wide-legged pants, and add some heels to this mix. This helps emphasize the legs and makes the waistline seem smaller while giving you extra height.

For dresses, you can embrace many classy chic outfits like wrap necklines and v-necks which will look amazing on you. Try pairing A-line skirts and heels with your top.

"Hourglass" Body Type

You have an hourglass body type if you have the same measurements for your hips and bust with a narrow waistline. Since this body type is perfectly proportional, there's not much you need to do to style it.


The best way to style your looks is going for a more 'fit-and-flare approach. Try form-fitting tops with waist-high or flared jeans to flatter your figure and look elegant and classy. You can also try pencil skirts and wrap tops or even pair pencil skirts with a matching cardigan and heels for a classy winter outfit.

How To Dress Classy- The Timeless Tips                  

Classy clothes are easy to turn into classy outfits if you pay attention to a few key details. Let's talk about the top five Basics of a Classic Style.

The Five Basics Of Classy Style

1.      Classy Fabrics

If you're going for a truly classy look, classy fabrics are your best friends. Cashmere, wool, silk, and linen are the way to go. For cheaper alternatives, try faux fur, wool, silk, and linen. Who says only riches lead to class?

2.      Neutrals

Solid neutrals are perfect for a classy look. Usually, these include dark blue, black, white, beige, and brown. Pairing these neutrals together makes for a timeless, chic casual outfit. If not neutrals, try monochromatic dressing. To add a bit of a kick to your outfit, try neutral colors with one matching brighter color, such as red shoes with a black and white outfit.

3.      Fit Your Form

Classy outfits tend to be tailored and form-fitting but never too tight. Generally, skirts and dresses are acceptable from just above the knee to floor-length but never too exposing. For any pants, try opting for straight-cut pants that are form-fitting at the hips.

4.      Don't Overexpose

The trick to staying classy is exposing just the right amount. Make sure the dresses are not too low-cut, and if you want to go sleeveless, compromise with an off-shoulder outfit instead. Keep pants to your ankles and skirts to above the knee at most.

5.      Subtle Accessories, Makeup, and Hair

Since you have your classy clothes figured out now, your next step must be to accessorize. For accessories, try simple, statement jewelry. Earrings can be both studs and small hoops. Simple chains with small pendants look brilliant and when it comes to rings, try very simple bands.

Makeup should not be too extravagant. Opt for a natural look but with a bold lip color usually, pink or red looks perfect. Some mascara, light blush, and red lipstick go well together.

Hair goes in a more minimalist direction. If you have long hair, try for a sleek bun or a long ponytail, and if left open, try keeping them straight. If short hair is your thing, keep it open but neat.

What is Classy Fashion?

Classy fashion generally refers to tailored, modest, and elegant dressing that looks sophisticated and timeless.

What Should I Wear To Look Classy?  

Solid neutrals are the original classy clothes. Try elegant above-the-knee solid neutral dresses or a blazer and straight pant combo with some boots or pumps to match.

How Do I Dress Classy in 2021?

Lucky for you, classy fashion is what's trendy right now. Try oversized neutral blazers with tailored pants or form-fitting tops with long coats.

How Can I Look Elegant and Classy?

Small accessories that look expensive are your best bet to look elegant. Diamond rings and gold bands with matching gold hoops help complete the look, while neutral-colored clothes and a matching handbag do wonders for class. Add in sunglasses for an even better effect.


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